The ship Delta Airlines killed a Pomeranian

Under unclear circumstances during a flight Delta Airlines from Finaxa (AZ), Newark (NJ), killed the Pomeranian. The airline’s claim that he checked the condition of the animal during the trip, but at the destination the animal arrived dead. The container was covered in vomit, which testifies to the painful death of the dog.

The owner Alejandro (the so-called Spitz) Michael Dellegrazie requires Delta Airlines explanations. He deliberately sent a dog by plane, because they did not want to put her gruelling land journey across the country. Together with her friend the man had moved to a new place of residence. For your beloved dog has already prepared his area and only had to deliver the animal in Newark.

«I want to know what happened. Alejandro wasn’t just a pet, he was a member of our family, «said Dellegrazie.

According to available information, the plane made a stop at Dallas airport. Then the employees of Delta Airlines checked the condition of the animal. According to them, it was fine. When the liner landed at an airport in Newark, Alejandro was found dead. Judging by the atmosphere in the container, the dog died immediately, and before the death of her badly torn.

Representatives of the airline stated that their experts provedut thorough investigation. According to its results it turns out that was the cause of the death of the Pomeranian, and is this the fault of the employees of Delta Airlines.

In 2018 this is not the first case when a pet dies during flight. In March publicized was the story of the death of the dog on the plane United Airlines. After the scandalous incident, the company management announced the introduction of the new policy of transporting animals.

For the 2017 U.S. airlines transported 507 thousand animals, 24 of them did not survive the journey.