The CSI helped to solve a strange murder in Florida

Last winter, in the city of West palm beach (FL), was found shot to death 71-year-old Alan J. Abrahamson. Everything pointed to the fact that it was murder. The body found no suicide note, no murder weapon.

Investigating the circumstances of the death Abrahamson, the police noticed some oddities. First, on the jacket of the killed was found a thin red mark like someone spent on clothes stained with blood thread. The second clue gave it to personal computer. Shortly before his death, Abrahamson was interested in meteorological balloons with helium. Also, experts have discovered that the man searched the Internet for information about how to make a suicide is similar to murder. (Although the history for this request was deleted.)

The CSI helped to solve a strange murder in Florida

In the episode, 2003 tells of a man who was tied to balloons gun and shot himself. Photo: photobucket

Detectives began to analyze the situation, and then one of them remembered that he had seen in some series with a similar plot. It turned out, Alan J. Abrahamson really faked her own murder, completely copied one of the stories of the series «CSI: Las Vegas».

In the episode, 2003 a man was shot from a gun, tied to balloons. The murder weapon near the body not found, and the police had to fiddle with the riddle of death.

Police in West palm beach found that just prior to his suicide, Abrahamson actually bought mediashare, while puzzled by the seller to the strange questions. In particular, the buyer was interested in the weightthey can lift.

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The last argument in favor of staging the murder was a solid life insurancethat was purchased by a man. He wanted his widow received the payment, and even copied the plot of the said episode of «CSI».

The gunthat shot, Abrahamson, could carry 20 miles from his body. As soon as the weapons you will find, in fact, to put a point.