The family of five kept the girl-autistic in a cage and forced to eat the ashes of her mother

We’re all afraid of horror movies, but the reality and the cruelty of men can be much worse.

Attention! The article contains descriptions that may be disturbing.

In Federal court in New Orleans (state of Louisiana) on July, 26, were charged with the family of five from the city of Amit, who for years physically and psychologically abused 22-year-old girl with Asperger’sliving in their house. Or rather, in a cage.

In court documents not disclosed the name of the victim, only the initials: D. P. Arrested a 42-year-old Raylene Knop, her husband, 45-year-old Terry George. Knopand their three adult children: 21-year-old Bridget Lambert, 23-year-old Jody Lambert (children Raylene), and 20-year-old Taylor Knop (daughter of Terry Knope).

Rember that horrible attack on an autistic man in Chicago, Jan17. Even @Potus44 talked about it. Those perpetrators were black youth yet look at these mugshots. What do you think are the chances @realDonaldTrump will mention this viciousness?

— Rob Roy (@robxroy) July 27, 2018

According to prosecutors, it all started in August of 2015, when the D. P. after the death of his mother moved into the house Knopov (do not know why the girl came to them).

The family originally «allowed» D. P. to sleep on a mattress on the floor in the house, then it was moved to the barn, and later in the tent. In the spring of 2016, the family built a wire cage measuring 6 x 8 ft (1.8 to 2.4 meters), covered it with tarpaulin and it was there since the victim lived.

We will remind, the girl is autistic, so she received disability benefits, which the family immediately confiscated.

Knop forced the girl to perform the housework, and if they do not like, do not give her food. As told to prosecutors, one day, Raylene Knop took from the urn the ashes of the mother of the girl, stuff it in a bowl with milk and made the unfortunate is.

At other times, angry, Bridget Lambert struck D. P. over the head with a wooden Board. Family members took the girl to the doctors for fear that someone will start to suspect something, so just… used glueto «pull» the wound.

The victim was also forced to eat dog feces, photographed her naked, hoping to sell into sexual slavery.

It is unclear exactly how the police found the unfortunate girl, but after the rescue and treatment was placed into the custody of social services.

In the press release of the Ministry of justice said that the Buttons could face life imprisonment.