The largest in California history fire «Mendocino» is taking new territory

A little over a week had a comprehensive fire «Mendocino» to become the largest of 8 fires raging in California, and large-scale in the history of the state.

According to the California Department of forestry and fire protection (Cal Fire), «Mendocino,» covered 283 800 acres (1 148 km2) is more than «Thomas», vigagi at the end of 2017 28 1947 acres (1 km2 141). In this regard, the US President, Donald trump declared «major disaster» in the state.

Firefighters managed to contain only 30% of the fire. The flame inevitably captures thousands of acres and never stops even at night.

California fire officials say the so-called Mendocino Fire Complex has burned more than 283,000 acres, making it the largest wildfire in state history.

— ABC News (@ABC) August 7, 2018

«It’s not a very good sign,» said a spokesman for Cal Fire Lynn Tolmachoff. According to her, it’s only the middle of the fire season, and often more problematic is the end of the year as the land becomes drier. «We have a long road ahead», — said Tolmachev.

«He’s extremely swift, extremely aggressive, extremely dangerous, said fire Deputy chief Cal Fire Scott McLean. — See how much he’s grown in a few days…»

In connection with forest fire forced the evacuation of the inhabitants of the counties of Mendocino, lake and Colusa. However, despite the size, «Mendocino» was less destructive than some other forest fires, raging as remote from populated areas areas. So, less large-scale fire «Carr» burned 164 413 acres (665 sq km) of forest, destroyed more than 1.6 million homes and claimed 7 lives. «Mendocino» also destroyed 140 buildings and is currently not considered deadly.

BREAKING: The Mendocino Complex fire has officially become the largest wildfire in California history burned it 283,105 acres and destroyed 132 structures and 10,200 more structures in danger its only 37% contained, breaking the record set by the Thomas Fire just 8 months ago.

— Peter Soregi (@PSoregi) August 7, 2018

«Mendocino» — 2 fire at a distance of several miles from each other, so the fire is considered complex.

According to Cal Fire, of the 20 largest forest fires in California, about half in the last decade.

My dad not wanting to leave his home. I lost my house 9 months ago…Support each other, love each other.. the smallest kindness can give someone the strength to make it through the day. Prayers for California 💔#riverfire #ranchfire #MendocinoComplexFire #mendocinocomplex

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