In Los Angeles found raped pit bull who was left for dead

A group of animal rescue calls for investigation after an abandoned pit bull Terrier, who was brought in 2 weeks ago, died from injuries related to physical and sexual violence.

Monday, August 6, 5-year-old pit bull Kargo dumped right in front of the house on West 85th Street in the Los Angeles area of Florence. According to the owner of the home, discovered the dog, the neighbors said they saw two African-Americans, who threw pet.

The woman who decided to remain anonymous, was unable to contact either the city or the County Department of animal control, so she turned for help to the rescue group Ghetto Rescue Foundation.

A representative of a nonprofit organization Diante Marcus, who arrived at the scene, said that the dog looked very painful and almost not moving. In the video posted on the page for Ghetto Rescue Foundation Facebook, it is evident that the neck of the pit bull tied to a green rope.

Diante shifted cargo in your truck and taken to a veterinary clinic. According to the defender of animals, the doctors found in the area of her vagina some sort of trauma. Despite the fact that the dog has provided emergency assistance in the morning she got worse.

«She died because she had something similar to injury from blunt force, and this led to the rupture of the aorta,» explained Dianti.

According to the woman, Kargo were no visible scratches or abrasions, «in addition to injuries of the vagina,» which was found by the vets.

«We are faced with many different cases of abuse, and it’s definitely one of those that I will not forget,» said Marquez. «It will stay with me forever.»

Sad update, we really are having a difficult time writing this one. 💔 Cargo passed away about one hour ago, and we are…

Posted by Ghetto Rescue FFoundation (GRFF) on Tuesday, August 7, 2018

But the Ghetto Rescue decided not to leave the tragic death of dogs without public attention. According to the organization, Kargo was microchipped, so they began their investigation to find the alleged killer.

After making enquiries, the organization learned that the pit bull, named Valerie, was taken from Orange County Animal Care July 23, during the free event, where anyone could pick up the dogs were in the shelter for three months.

Animal advocates say that the situation with cargo – these are a typical example of the negligence of shelters that give dogs and cats, if facilities are overcrowded.

Anyone who has any information on this case, can refer to a special group in the police Department of Los Angeles tel: 213-486-0450.