In new York a pit bull without a leash almost killed a defenceless Spaniel

Terrible attack of pitable on Spaniel occurred in Washington heights. The owner was walking a fighting dog without a leash — and it took a horrible injury for they had encountered on the way Spaniel.

Morning, August 9, Abby took your pet 5-year-old Balsa on a leash and led him to the Park for a walk. On the corner of 180th Street and Pinehurst Avenue, they met a pit bull. The Spaniel didn’t stand a chance. The huge dog lunged at the defenseless Balsa, grabbed his throat and began to torment the poor guy.

The hostess tried to pull away from Spaniel aggressive dog, but it turned out she did not. To the rescue rushed indifferent passers-by. The dog was so strong that even some men are unable to pull from the victim. In the end the owner came up Pitbull, calmly threw the dog’s leash and silently took him.

Spaniel got much: he had a broken jaw, disfigured muzzle, injured hind legs. Abby also left a few marks from the fangs of a pissed-off dog.

Poor Buckles. This adorable Cavalier King Charles Spaniel was attacked by an unleashed pit bull in Washington Heights. The dog clamped down on Buckles’ throat and legs @ABC7NY

— Lucy Yang (@LucyYang7) August 11, 2018

«Poor Buckles. In Washington heights at this adorable Spaniel breed cavalier-king-Charles was attacked by a pit bull without a leash. The dog grabbed him by the throat and paws».

The vet spent Bakla reconstructive surgery. Now he’s in the jaws of the wire and the tube, but the vet assured that the dog will recover quickly. The owners are concerned about the psychological state of your pet.

Now the police are looking for the irresponsible owner’s pit bull.

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