Madness: in the US people are deliberately maimed Pets to get the vet drugs

Shocking trend emerged on the territory of the United States of America. Opioid crisis and government measures that restrict access to drugs, provoke people suffering from addiction in monstrous steps.

Pet owners have deliberately maimed their Pets to the vet prescribed them drugs. In the end, people not only hurt our little brothers, but taking their medicines, to slake his own «thirst for pleasure.»

A vivid example of such behavior was demonstrated by a resident of the state of Kentucky. Heather Pereira in 2014, used a razor blade to cause serious injury to his Retriever. The intruder wanted to get at the vet opioid analgesic product. A policeman who investigated this case, at first I could not believe what happened.

Madness: in the US people are deliberately maimed Pets to get the vet drugs

Every time, when Pereira cut my dog, she visited several institutions, urging doctors to give her the tramadol. Photo: flickr/CC/armydre2008/

«I remember my initial feeling of distrust. I thought it was something unreal. I experienced a real shock,» said officer John Thomas.

In Management on fight against drugs (Drug Enforcement Administration – DEA) said that such cases are far from rare. Drug-addicted people to understand the medications given by the veterinarian, it is difficult to track, and so they began to use such cruel methods for obtaining a controlled substance.

Heather Pereira is not just stabbed his dog Alice. She did it regularly when he was in need in the opioids. When a woman for the third time in 2 months brought the pet to the clinic, the doctor suspected something was wrong. The man before was no doubt the cuts that were too smooth for natural injuries. In the end, the vet called the police, who detained Pereira.

Madness: in the US people are deliberately maimed Pets to get the vet drugs

Now the DEA is meeting with veterinarians, learn how to identify the addict, who is trying to obtain drugs. Photo: flickr/CC/aikos/

Pretty soon it became clear: every time a criminal cut your dog, she visited several establishments in different ways to convince doctors to give pain medication. At trial, the woman pleaded guilty and received 4 years of prison.

Now the DEA is holding a special meeting with the veterinarians working in different regions of the United States. Them to experts tell you how you can identify potential drug addict, who is using the animal is trying to obtain illegal substances. The experts also discuss the most common techniques used by these criminals.

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