The police found 2 dead after neighbors noticed that from the ceiling drips blood

The neighbors called the police after he noticed them through the ceiling leaks blood. As a result, the officers who arrived on call, found the apartment on the floor above the terrible scene.

Sunday, September 2, paramedics and police Margate (FL), arrived at the apartment Blue Isle. After no one answered, they took the door off the hinges and entered the apartment.

There they found two dead bodies, which belong to the 84-year-old Nicholas Mantzouranis and his 66-year-old wife Sally. Investigators believe that the man first shot his wife before putting a bullet in his head. Next to him was discovered and the murder weapon.

A neighbor told the newspaper Sun-Sentinelthat Nicholas seemed weak, and the pair «had each other».

«I can’t believe it,» said another occupant of the house the newspaper.

Another neighbor told the Sun-Sentinel that the bullet went through a wall in his apartment, but he wasn’t home at the time.

«Detectives are still actively investigating the incident, but I believe that at present there is no danger to the public,» reads a press release from police.

Blood dripping through the ceiling leads South Florida police to a gruesome discovery

— Miami Herald (@MiamiHerald) September 4, 2018

Apartment complex is located on 3400 Banks Road, about a mile from Seminole casino Coconut Creek.