Anglers customarily slaughtered hundreds of dolphins (video 18+)

On Tuesday, September 11, in the village of Hvalvik in the Faroe Islands anglers had another blood ritual — grindadráp. Animal advocates horrified by just the thought of it familiar to the local edges of the action, during which the dolphins driven into the Cove and slaughtered to death.

The murder of cross and black dolphins (grindol) was broadcast live on Facebook organization for the protection of wildlife Sea Shepherd. According to the group, this is the 11th ritual, conducted in the Faroe Islands in the season of 2018.

Residents Hvalvik argue that what is happening is an important part of their culture, however, not everyone will be able to come to terms with the cold-blooded murder of innocent beings. On the record Sea Shepherd, the islanders cut the dolphins neck standing in water, with each victim becoming redder.

Animal advocates worldwide need to stop this senseless slaughter. However, local authorities claim that the law guarantees 18 Islands with limited possibilities for agriculture, the right to economic self-government.

«Whaling is a natural part of life the Faroe Islands and an important source of food for islanders,» said Mailonline, a representative of the region. The law only requires that animals are killed as quickly and painlessly as possible, said an anonymous source.

Meanwhile, Sea Shepherd claims that this requirement is not met. Often instead of «spinal lance» (which strikes the animal in the neck to break the spinal cord) hunters use a normal knife, causing dolphins to die slowly and painfully.

Every summer during the grindadráp about 800 whales and dolphins killed in the Faroe Islands, Danish archipelago located hundreds of miles from the Scottish coast between Norway and Iceland. Many local people say that this ritual that dates back to the X century, allows them to really feel Faroese.

Anglers customarily slaughtered hundreds of dolphins (video 18+)Samuel Joensen-Mykines, «Grindadráp» (1942). Source: flickr