The man threw 4-year-old brother from the window and immediately surrendered to the police

Today (September 29) morning in Brooklyn 20-year-old boy, who suffers from a mental disorder, threw the brother from the window of his apartment and immediately confessed to the crime.

4-year-old Shimron Smith was found dead in the courtyard of a six-story building on Nostrand Avenue in Midwood about 3:30 in the morning, sources have confirmed Post in the police Department of new York (NYPD). Ambulance staff confirmed the boy’s death at the scene.

According to the police immediately after the incident, the man approached the police car and confessed. He was immediately taken into custody.

As reported by neighbors and relatives, the guy had mental problems.

«He never talked, told worker serving the house. Only went here and there and smoked.»

Cousin who refused to reveal his name to reporters Post, called it «crazy» and «sick in the head».

«[Shimron was a sweet little boy, — said cousin. — He’s my baby.»

At the moment the police have not yet said about the motives of men.

A neighbor across the street left flowers in front of the building where 4-yr-old Shimron Smith was pushed to his death. #1010WINS

— Samantha Liebman (@SamiLiebman) September 29, 2018

«The neighbor across the street left flowers in front of the building where 4-year-old Shimron Smith died after a fall«.

«It’s a tragedy, — said the 64-year-old resident of the house Della Smith. I just talked to my neighbors about it. If you know that the building has someone like this, all need to be constantly vigilant. I have a 7-year-old grandson who lives with me. So sad. And this affects all of us.»