In California shark mutilated 13-year-old catcher lobster

Another shark attack on humans occurred early in the morning of 29 September in the city of Encinitas on the Pacific coast (CA). This time suffered 13-the summer boy fished lobster. He is now in serious condition, but the threat to life has passed.

The tragedy occurred on Beacon»s Beach. People on the shore heard the screams of a teenager who rushed to his rescue. When they reached the boy, they saw his body several bad bites. Rescuers responded — the victim was promptly hospitalized. In the video, recorded by eyewitnesses of the incident, recorded the takeoff of the helicopter involved in the operation .

Doctors confirmed the bite marks on the body of a young catcher lobster left shark. He was seriously injured, very badly damaged shoulder and back. Thanks to the efforts of the doctors the condition of the teenager has stabilized. However, if the shark decided to re-attack, he would have no chance to escape.

The shark attacked, not installed. Experts are known only to the approximate size of a predator — 3.5 meters.

Currently Beacon’Beach is closed for swimming. Authorities analysed the situation and waiting for the experts ‘ report. I hope that soon the beach will once again be available to visitors and residents of Encinitas.


California banned the sale of firearms to persons under 21 years

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