What is known about Kerch bomber at the moment

Yesterday, October 17, at the Polytechnic College in Kerch (Crimea) was a shooting, followed by explosion. Killing 21 people, including 11 students, and more than 40 people were injured.

What witnesses say:

As reported by USA.one resident of Kerch Anastasia Bondarenko when news about the incident spread around the city, I started to panic, all kindergartens and schools are immediately closed.

What is known about the shooter:

The main question — who is the culprit — first remained unanswered, but a few hours later there was information that the shooting and the explosion gave 18-year-old College student Vladislav Roslyakov.

A surveillance camera recorded how the guy came to the College through the back door, dressed in the bathroom, then came out with a gun and opened fire at random. He then went into the dining room, he left a bag of explosives, climbed to the 2nd floor in the library, where he committed suicide. There militiamen and his body was found with a gunshot wound.

A terrible tragedy !!! Mourn …
Killer Vladislav Roslyakov was enrolled at the Polytechnic in 2015. 8 Sep Roslyakov received permission for shotgun 12 caliber, and a few days ago he bought him 150 rounds. pic.twitter.com/drc5qS28h5

— Konstantin Knyrik (@knyrikKS) October 17, 2018

He writes «Interfax»:

As have informed Agency «Interfax» a source Vladislav Roslyakov was uncommunicative, did not support a close relationship with anyone of his peers, he was not a girl. According to familiar with the man, the boy lived with his mother, who had gone to work at the hospital, and his father after the divorce, almost did not pay attention to his son.

According to the source, the computer Roslyakova were found papers showing that he learned how to handle weapons, and was interested in creating bombs at home. Also, the PC guy had fans. All available information indicates that he himself has planned and implemented fire and explosion, said the insider.

Where did Roslyakova weapons:

According to investigators, in October, Vladislav received a permit to own a hunting weapon. Today, 18 October, the network appeared the recording of the CCTV camera in the gun shop where the guy pays for the ammo.

In addition, there is a screenshot of a page from a trade journal which stated that on October 13 Roslyakov bought 150 rounds.

According to the store owner, the guy is not aroused suspicion, and the cartridges are bought ostensibly for hunting big game.

There is also a version that the shooter was preparing an attack about 2 months — right after he turned 18 and he was able to buy a gun.

What Putin said:

Today, October 18, the incident in the Kerch College commented the President of Russia. According to Vladimir Putin, this tragedy was the result of globalization, and it all started with events in US schools. Putin stressed that not only in Russia but throughout the world, insufficient attention to creating useful content for young people, which leads to the emergence of Liegeois.

Under Russian law, for the improper performance of parental responsibilities parents of Vladislav Roslyakov faces a fine in the amount of 500 rubles ($7,6).

What is known about the motive of the perpetrator:

At the moment, most attention is paid to the theme of conflict Roslyakova with classmates or teachers College. But in College about the young person respond positively. They say he studied at three and four, and received stepenyu.

As reported by telegram-«the Mash» one of the classmates Roslyakova, he once said that he hates people who learn at their institution, and added: «It would be nice to shoot them all myself Vyritsa».

In Crimea, declared 3-day mourning.