A former priest of the UOC-KP from Chicago on trial for the theft of $330 thousand from 96-year-old parishioner

This week charges of embezzlement were filed against 57-year-old Nicholas Chervatuk — a former priest of the Holy Church Patronage of Chicago.

Nicholas Chervatuk accused stole more than $330 thousand from the accounts of the 96-year-old parishioner Nelly Bridgman. To the defendant threatens till 15 years of imprisonment.

Ukraine-born Nellie Brigman survivors in a Nazi concentration camp, in 1950, emigrated to the United States where she married. Her husband died in 2004 at the age of 79 years. Children the couple never had.

In 2015, the woman was diagnosed with «dementia,» and the priest of the Holy Church Patronage has assumed responsibility for managing the finances of the infirm parishioner, by placing her in a nursing home.

In 2016, Nicholas Chervatuk was to get cash from credit cards his ward. According to court documents, the money he invested in the 2 restaurants, which are owned jointly with partner, previous convictions for drugs, as well as the hairdresser and the purchase of real estate.

Militiamen father stated that he had taken the money from the Nellie Brigman cards as payment for care and that woman «she would have wanted».

Ex-Orthodox priest accused of stealing from Nazi prison camp survivor CHICAGO — A Chicago man has been charged with stealing thousands of dollars from a Nazi prison camp survivor when the man was a Ukrainian Orthodox priest. Nicholas Chervyatiuk … https://t.co/ApjMLcIbiJ #USRC pic.twitter.com/879lNyFPnH

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In August 2016 the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Kyiv Patriarchate, learning about the business of Chervatuk, deprived of his spiritual dignity.