Dead in cars and homes: the victims of the fires in California steel 44 persons

Hell fire in California continues unabated. In the town of Paradise wanted dead and missing.

Find the dead among the smoldering ruins, burned-out cars or near them. Apparently, people tried to leave, but did not. The police bring forensic anthropologists because in some cases, to identify just a nobody — the bodies were only charred bones.

At least 42 people died in a fire in Northern California and 2 in the South of the state, in Malibu.

Most of the victims in the North in the town of Paradise, which Paradise became hell. The fire virtually wiped out a 27-strong town from the face of the earth. Search for bodies continues today, November 13. Dozens of people still missing.

«Such at us never was, — said at the evening press conference on Monday, the Butte County Sheriff Cory Honea. I want to find as many remains as possible, because it was the people he loved».

Please pray for my family and friends in Paradise, CA whole town being evacuated due to big fire

— Rhonda Eisenhut (@EisenhutRhonda) November 8, 2018

All this time the relatives call the local hospitals, police, shelters, and morgues, hoping to find out what happened to their loved ones. Paradise was a popular retirement community, about a quarter of its inhabitants were older than 65 years.

Ted theis waiting for news about his 90 year old mother suffering from senile dementia. Darlina Duarte — brother diabetic, almost goes out of the house. Barbara Hall is trying to figure out saved if her older (80s and 90s) aunt with her husband. «They had to leave? — the woman worries. I don’t know anything, they only had a landline, and of course he is not responsible».

Meanwhile, Betsy Ann Cowley, the owner of the house, near which was the source of fire, said that the day before the fire, she received an email from Pacific Gas & Electric Co. The letter stated that it comes working to fix spark a power line near her home.

Company this fact is not commented on, but state officials said that the cause of the fire will establish a consequence.