Victims of forest fires in California were already 50 people

November 8 in the fires raging in California, has already killed 50 people and more than 200 were missing, according to the Guardian.

Yesterday morning it was reported about 44 people killed, but during the day were found the bodies of 6 people. And, despite the fact that in the rescue operation involved thousands of experts, victims may be much higher.

Also the state police regret to announce the facts of looting for this crime were detained 6 people.

In a rescue operation involving firefighters, the soldiers of the National guard, rescue dogs and professional dog handlers, as well as specialists in rapid DNA identification of the remains. In combating fires involving a large amount of equipment, including aircraft, which uses fire-extinguishing water from the Pacific ocean.

The fires that broke out last week, were the most destructive in California history. According to the latest data, because of the fire threat, have left their homes more than 58 thousand people.