Woman buried near the house of a dead cat, found the remains of the missing men

California girl, burying a dead cat in the backyard, discovered the decomposing body of the missing men.

The woman (who did not want to disclose his name) called the police after she made the grisly discovery at their home in Modestowhere she lived very long. According to police, she went to the back yard to bury the cat, but, began to dig a hole, stumbled upon the remains.

Thanks to dental x-rays, the authorities were able to determine that the body belongs to a local resident Jacob Sutton-Buaku born in 1991, who went missing in late January. His brother 10 Feb reported missing.

UPDATE: Modesto Remains found in backyard identified as missing man: Dental x-rays were used to help determine the identity of a body found as that of missing Modesto man, Jacob Sutton-Bubeck aka «Cheddar», the Stanislaus Sheriff’s Department released Wednesday. pic.twitter.com/wKSrEMHcrp

— Kay Recede FOX40 (@KayRecede) November 29, 2018

Detective Cory brown is asked to contact police anyone who saw or spoke with the victim after the 25th of January.

«Because of the different variables that affect decomposition, it is impossible to determine a specific date when Jacob was killed, or buried, — says brown. — That’s why it’s important to speak with people who may have seen him after that date in order to narrow down the specific timeline».

The County Sheriff’s office Stanislaus reported that they are investigating the death of Sutton-Bubuka as murder. At the moment the law enforcement authorities did not make arrests in this case.

Your anonymous tip you can leave, call Stanislaus Area Crime Stoppers at the number 209-521-4636 by filling out the form on the website www.modestopolice.com/CrimeStoppers or by writing a message to CRIMES at 274637.