The robber got robbed the house and persuaded the owner to take him home, stating the mistake

A comic incident happened in Maine last Sunday, December 23.

The attacker robbed the housing, and when the owner «caught» a man at the scene, he convinced the owner to take him home. The robber said that he just went to the wrong address and the victim, believing this story, brought the thief in a nearby town. Only a few hours later the owner of the house realized what happened.

The police of York County said that 35-year-old Derek Tarbox broke into someone else’s house on December 23. After collecting the valuables, the man took a shower, ate, and dressed in the clothes found in the house. Then he sat down to watch TV. After a while, he found the owner.

The robber got robbed the house and persuaded the owner to take him home, stating the mistake

The attacker was not taken aback and said that there was an unfortunate mistake. According to Tarbox, he thought that here lives a friend of his. It is for this reason that the criminal was supposedly in the house. The robber led the story so convincingly that the landlord took him at his word. After that, the offender was asked to give him a ride home in the neighboring town. The victim without hesitation agreed and took the thief to the specified address.

Only after the man returned home, he realized that he was robbed. Lost precious belongings and clothes. Trusting the owner called the police, asking to find the culprit. His story was so incredible that the police initially thought the victim of their plays. However, the man was not joking, and he explained everything in detail. After that, the police began searching for a savvy burglar.

Derek Tarbox was arrested on Wednesday. The attacker was charged with trespassing, stealing and other offences. Now he will stand trial, who are unlikely to believe his story.