A pit bull saved a new York family against the consequences of a gas leak

Tuckahoe police Department reported that last Wednesday at about 15:45 I received a call with a message about the vagus in the area of Fairview Avenue and incessantly barking Pitbul.

Seeing the police, the dog led them to the house, and she ran to the back yard. As soon as the officers approached the building, they immediately felt the smell of gas.

Police noticed that the sliding glass door was open, and the fence is broken. Going round the building perimeter, they smelled gas coming from the open basement window.

Eastchester Fire Department and Con Edison, arrived at the scene, confirmed that indeed in the basement there was a gas leak.

«The dog saved the house from the explosion,» said police Lieutenant Tuckahoe Lawrence Rotta journalists Eyewitness News.

Upon further inspection of the building was discovered claw marks and blood on the back door, apparently sensing danger, the dog was desperately trying to get out.

«She was determined to go,» said the hostess Pitbull Serena Costello.

Not all superheroes wear capes. At 530p on @ABC7NY hear how Sadie the pit bull staged a daring escape, led cops on a wild chase, and saved her owner’s Tuckahoe home from a potential gas explosion. pic.twitter.com/Ns1ndSaU5a

— CeFaan Kim (@CeFaanKim) February 7, 2019

11-year-old brown and white pit bull named Sadie was able to cut the wooden blocker that kept the sliding door closed. Because of this, he came to the backyard. After a 60-pound dog jumped over the fence and, once outside, began to bark frantically.

Costello believes that Sadie saved the life of her and her 4-year-old daughter. «She is our hero — said Serena — She saved our lives». Costello said that over the 11 years Sadie has lived with them, she never ran away from home.

The hostess was at work, when suddenly, she called a friend and said that about her house a lot of police officers, firefighters and utility workers. If Sadie did not attract people’s attention, a gas leak could cause an explosion.

«Sadie, it was great to eliminate the danger! If we ever need a K9, you’ll be the first on our list!», — wrote the Tuckahoe Police Department in Facebook.