In the subway of new York was riding the snake (live)

In the subway of new York was riding the snake (live)

It seems, in the subway of new York you can meet anyone and anything.

Recently, the cause of the panic on the E-file has become a little mouse. The animal is quite harmless, but it caused hysteria and madness in the car.

In the subway of new York was riding the snake (live)

What can we say about creatures far more dangerous.

Recently, the witness managed to capture on video a snake, which, together with the passengers quietly rode in the car on the line L, turning around the grab handle in the ceiling.

The author of the video – Juan Guerrero quietly said: «Snake in the train, yo, snakes on a train». But what is most interesting – it looks like a snake just noticed the author of the video, all the other passengers sit in their seats and not pay attention to the animal. Either they are too distracted by gadgets, or them, tempered in trips to new York, have no surprise.

According to Juan Guerrero, the snake most likely belonged to the man who stood beside her. Guerrero says that the malekissed her before releasing to crawl on the train.

Recall that in mid-June in Manhattan apartment a man was bitten by his own snake. In General, the health code new York city prohibits keeping in the homes of venomous snakes, even if they have removed venom glands. They are still classified as «wild animal, which is able to harm the man.»