Freshman at the University of Buffalo died from cardiac arrest. The police together with the test of brotherhood

18-year-old Sebastian Serafin-Bazan from Port Chester (NY), died today, April 17, five days after his hospitalization.

Police captain Jeff Rinaldo said that April 12, a student at the University of Buffalo suffered a cardiac arrest and was found unconscious on the lawn near the campus. The teenager was taken to the emergency room. Police believe his death could be linked to the test when joining the brotherhood of Sigma Pi.

What happened to first-year student, is still unclear, but the brotherhood has organized a party just a few hours before the guy was found on the lawn. According to The Buffalo News, one of the members of Sigma Pi told the neighbor that Serafin-Bazan came out to get some fresh air after he hit his head on the coffee table. Sources told a local newspaper that a guy recently recovering from some disease of the respiratory tract.

University of Buffalo freshman dies after alleged hazing incident

— NYC Informer (@newyorkcityinfo) April 17, 2019

The President of the University at Buffalo Satish Tripathi made a statement about the tragedy.

«We sincerely condole with the family of Sebastian and all his friends, — he stressed. — We mourn because of his death, I hope that each of us stop and think about the fact that we can be more humane, we need to treat each other with respect, compassion and kindness.»

Rinaldo said police are investigating whether the death of the boy with drugs or alcohol. The police expect autopsy results. The University also conducted an internal inspection.