Shot in Uber: the driver said that one passenger was shot dead by another, which he took as a «fellow traveler»

Police Harris County (TX) is looking for the shooter, who opened fire on the Uber passenger, and then fled the scene of the crime. According to local authorities, on Friday, April 26, 911 received a message from a Texan who called himself an Uber driver. The man reported that the standard fence for travel on a specified address, to the North of Houston, turned into the shooting: one passenger was shot and killed others.

At the press conference the Sheriff of Harris County ed Gonzalez stated that «the alleged Uber driver picked up at least one [passenger] and suggested that the second man is also going with him, but he was a shooter.»

The Uber driver arrived at the landing place on his SUV. Two men were there. When I first sat down in the back seat of the car, the second began around the car the back, but not in order to sit down with the other hand. As told the Sheriff, «the hitcher» victim «immediately opened fire on the back seat, where his «companion»». The driver was not injured after the shooter began firing at the SUV, quickly stepped on the gas and the victims departed from the landing site (the intersection of T. C. Jester Boulevard and Laurel Creek Road) at a distance of approximately 1.5 miles. Here soon came a police patrol and found a dead man in the back seat of the jeep.

Currently, the police have identified the dead passenger: it was the 26-year-old African American, James Grant Booker II.

«We got the shooter, who is now on the run,» — said at a press conference Gonzalez. It was thought initially that the shooter left the scene on foot but later Gonzalez wrote in his Twitter that he was able to escape on some vehicle.

Uber confirmed that they are cooperating with authorities on the incident.

The alleged shooter is described as a black male with long dreadlocks, dressed in a white shirt and brown pants. Police are asking anyone with information on this incident to contact the detectives from the CrimeStoppers phone: 713-222-8477.