A terrible case of fishing, a lone captain of a pleasure yacht for a few hours holding the passengers hostage

What was supposed to be a pleasant trip with fishing for Carlo Operare (35 years), his friends and family turned into horrible history with capture of hostages.

As reported by the Sarasota Herald Tribune, Laperre of Bradenton, Florida said that the first part of a trip worth $2000 took place in accordance with the plan, but 7 hours later, the captain of the ship mark Bailey (36 years old) was already so drunk that he started to pick a fight. Customers have told that saw, how he snorted cocaine and smoked marijuana before took a few shots from the upper deck.

According to the police report, the captain told the passengers: «I Have a nine and if I want, I will put a bullet in each of your heads and leave you here.»

Then Bailey grabbed Jason Realme Jr., 15-year-old son of one of the passengers – Jason Realm (39 years). The boy allegedly did not understand, if he could get a beer from the keg on the deck. As punishment for a teenager the captain tugged at his chain that was around his neck. Decoration resulted torn. Seeing the captain doing with his nephew, Lopera started screaming at the captain. Bailey agreed to release the teenager, but continued to behave Hyper.

Christopher Geffre (53), another passenger, said that he had seen the captain drink a lot of alcoholic beverages, mixing rum and beer. And that Giffre reported the use of the captain of drugs.

BOOZE, DRUGS, & GUNFIRE on Sarasota Bay: police arrest Captain Mark Bailey after passengers claim the rum he drank, did cocaine, fired a handgun & threatened to throw them overboard during a charter ride Sunday. @abcactionnews pic.twitter.com/ECMYNP5Sj9

— Ryan Smith (@RyanReports) June 4, 2019

The journey continued, but the mood was «terrible». Passengers asked Bailey to turn the boat back 5 hours before the scheduled end of the trip. But Bailey calmed down and on the way back, reportedly made 6 or 7 shots into the water.

Then for 5 hours from 18:00 to a.m. Bailey just circling the shore. All this time the captain continued to drink alcohol. He agreed to return to the shore only when he was paid $2000. But even after that it took him 2.5 hours to get to shore.

Christopher Geffre Jr. spoke about the troublesome thoughts of the passengers who had planned to come to grips with Bailey. But they felt that it was too risky. «He had a gun at arm’s length,» — said 23-year-old man. «It was the most helpless situation in which I never imagined could be. All were just helpless is a real situation with capture of hostages».

The irony of the situation is that the money they paid Bailey used to bail out of prison. «He took money that put us in this position, and we paid for his freedom,» added Geffre Jr.