A herd of goats on the rampage on the quiet streets of California (video)

One of the quiet areas of California have walked a herd of goats – much to the surprise of local residents.

Dozens of animals out in Brentwood, about 50 miles East of San Francisco.

Egan lim was on the street Hawthorne Drive, when I saw a huge number of goats, after which he immediately switched on my camera. On video it is audible as he shouts: «Well, it can’t be normal. Goats on the loose!»

Goats rented to animals ate all vegetation in the region, thus protecting it from dangerous fires.

As reported by KTVU after the mission was completed, the workers gathered the goats and drove them back to their usual pasture.

It is reported that California particularly prone to fires and now everything from fire services to Golf clubs use the services of goats to protect the earth. Goats are ideal for such work, because the different an insatiable appetite and can eat up to 10 pounds of vegetation per day, as explained in the Sierra Club. Thus, they limit the amount of vegetation in the region and form firebreaks, that is, barriers that prevent the spread of fire.

But that’s not all. The fact that goats are able to navigate through heterogeneous areas, making them safer and more environmentally friendly option compared with the use of chemicals or controlled fire that itself can provoke a fire.

Kenneth Vanwyk, the fire chief of Ventura County, said the goats have become very «successful idea».

«When goats are treated in all the possible sources of fire disappear before the fire season and do not grow again until next season,» he said. «And it’s a lot safer when heterogeneous areas treated animals,» added Vanoy.