As a result of extreme turbulence, the stewardess was thrown to the ceiling, and 10 passengers were taken to hospital

The stewardess was thrown into the ceiling, and another 10 passengers were injured when the plane ALK Airlines Boeing 737 hit turbulence in France.

For a scary 30-second recording shows a strong turbulence, for which the stewardess and her cart of drinks «flew up» to the ceiling during the flight.

«People started to scream and cry — says a passenger Mirjeta bash. The flight attendant was hit with a truck on the ceiling. The cups were circling, some were boiling water».

In the video you can see after the unexpected push all shattered and the drink spilled on passengers. In the picture you can see the woman soaked to the skin, which appears to be praying.

Some passengers said they were burned with hot water from the truck. 10 passengers were sent to local hospitals. The representative EuropAirport told ABC News that the injuries were minor and that the plane landed without incident.

«Flight from Pristina with the airline ALK caused turbulence in the air approximately 20 minutes before landing, said ABC News representative EuroAirport. The pilot warned as agents of passengers to firefighters at the airport were at the scene when the plane will fly».

Airline ALK ABC has confirmed that they know about the video from a mobile phone. The flight attendant tried to «pick up all the drinks and filled the glasses passengers» before «happened on downside momentum,» said the airline.

Airlines usually require that flight attendants to sit down if they believe that there will be turbulence, but airline ALK declares that a flight attendant from a video still is «absolutely good condition.»