Two men were driving in the car, when suddenly the windshield slid snake (video)

Two men were in the car, was amazed and partially scared, when the edge of the mirror on the passenger side was a snake and slowly began to crawl over the glass.

While the men were moving on the road Kansas City road in Kansas this week, they decided to record the movement of reptiles in the video, reports the Kansas City Star. The video, lasting about a minute, shows like a snake wrapped around the rear view mirror on the passenger side, and then began very slowly to turn around, crawling on the windshield. For a moment she disappeared from sight, and then turned on the windshield.

The serpent swayed on the windshield for a few seconds until the driver decided to use the «wipers», forcing the reptile to leap over the dividing line on the road.

In the video, hear one of the men is affected: «I don’t think ever seen that.»

The video begins with the fact that one of the men screams in terror and is clearly terrified, even shocked voice asks, «Where is she crawling?» The second man, probably the driver replied more calmly: «For you know, perhaps, on the windshield». While one of the men in the car obviously nervous, what’s the word despite his laughter, the second clearly reacted to the situation calmly.

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In the end they decided to throw the uninvited guest from the windshield using the wipers. The first time they failed, and they only missed «wipers» by the snake. But the next time the wiper managed to look like a snake with the car. Having completed this, the men gave each other a high five and laughed. What later happened to the reptiles is unknown.

Video men later appeared on the Internet. Please note that it used profanity.