The viral video of the NYPD officers brutally beat and pressed against the face of African American

The viral video, recorded during a routine stop by the police car to check, NYPD officers repeatedly beat the boy and pressed his face to the asphalt.

Spectrum NY1 reports that 20-year-old Kevin Diaby stopped in Central Harlem because he didn’t signal a turn.

As the press-Secretary of police of new York Sophia Mason, during the stop police found that Kevin has no rights, the car is not insured and the registration is expired, so the car was taken into custody and had to send for towing.

At this point, Kevin and his sister Fatou were near the car where a crowd of onlookers. She tried to sit down in the car to take the charger for the phone, but the police pushed her away. The police also claimed that Kevin tried to break past the officers and get in the car, but a witness named Monica told the Daily Mail that’s not true.

«The officer was aggressive,’ said Monica, who recorded video on your phone. The officers were very aggressive, they used excessive force without necessity.»

According to Kevin, several times pushed the police officer before he fell to the ground.

«I kept going, he kept pushing me. Then behind got another policeman, and then I was on the ground. He kept hitting me on the head,» said the victim.

In the video you can see one police officer in new York is holding Kevin’s and the other repeatedly hits it on the head; on the ground beneath it begins to emerge a pool of blood.

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Police say Kevin was arrested and charged with resisting arrest. His sister also accused of interfering with public administration.

As soon as the brother and sister were taken to the infirmary, their charges were dropped. Kevin was taken to the Harlem hospital, where, according to him, he got 12 stitches.

«Had it all over my face dripping blood,» said Kevin in an interview with NY1.

The NYPD said the incident is an internal review.

The family of Kevin, said he plans to sue the police to get justice.