Alternative to methamphetamine: three fatal cases of overdose can be associated with spray against wasps

The police in West Virginia said that the use of spray against wasps as an alternative meth has caused at least 3 fatal overdose.

On Friday, July 19, only one of the counties of Boone, has sold about 30 cans against wasps. Sergeant Charles Satrina, people use the spray to create a «synthetic» version of the drug.

«We know that if you use this [tool], you can use it once or twice and everything will be fine, but the third time when your body will amaze an allergic reaction, it could kill you,» said Sutfin.

The state police believes that at least three cases of death from overdose associated with using the spray as an alternative to methamphetamine.

Experts say that side effects include erratic behavior and severe swelling and redness of the hands and feet.

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«This is a cheap solution and you don’t know what the result will be of use,» — said Sutfin.

Officials are working to warn about the dangers of retailers across the country.