Crash in Illinois: good Samaritans rescued a driver from death

A group of good Samaritans rescued a driver of a pickup truck that flipped over on a busy highway in Illinois.

In the video, filmed from a helicopter ABC Chicago, shows the moment when a Ford Ranger went out of control of the driver due to a broken wheel and turned on the 88th highway near the oak brook about 6:45 a.m. on Monday.

Almost a dozen witnesses rushed to help the driver, trying to turn the car. The driver was a 32-year-old Orlando Hernandez.

Tom Meyers was one of the volunteers who helped postadavshih. He went from the firehouse in Rosemont, where he works as a firefighter full-time to his job in Aurora, when he became a witness to the incident.

«Every time I see something like that, there is a desire to help,» said Meyers ABC.

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A group of volunteers have already turned the truck when Meyers arrived. With the help of building tools, he and other rescuers broke the windshield and cut the seat belt to pull Hernandez. All were very happy that the driver has not received serious wounds.

Another one of the good Samaritans was a 23-year resident of Melrose Park, Illinois, Rodrigo Macias. According to police, the names of the others unknown.

According to police, the truck, which drove Hernandez got into an accident. It’s unclear how fast he was driving that the wheels burst.