Teenager killed himself after his Frank conversation with a classmate published in social networks

Family and classmates of a high school student in Tennessee require that the school administration and state officials have investigated and prosecuted those responsible for the death of 16-year-old Channing Smith, calling his death the result of bullying in social networks.

23 September, 16-year-old Channing Smith of Coffey County (Tennessee) had committed suicide after social networks published a candid text messages he exchanged with a classmate.

My heart breaks for Channing, his family, his friends and the community. This is the saddest story. You have to read this. Enough is Enough. #JusticeForChanning https://t.co/TT99ULd8I1 https://t.co/tf3s6nGZ49 pic.twitter.com/ooPgAj1LgP

— Billy Ray Cyrus (@billyraycyrus) September 28, 2019

«He was absolutely humiliated,’ said his eldest brother, Joshua Smith. — He could not go to school after that.»

A few hours Channing shot, writing in the latest post in Instagram that «no one else can be trusted.»

After that, the students created a group called «Justice for Channing» and staged a rally.

«If you think it’s funny to humiliate someone, think again. Because if someone realized it was not funny, my son would still be alive,» he said at the vigil, the mother of Channing, crystal Smith.

Thank you everyone for coming out today and supporting!
A beautiful soul taken to early.#justiceforchanning pic.twitter.com/TMedZawPSj

— justiceforchanning (@justiceforchan2) September 29, 2019

D. A. Coffey Craig Northcott denies that his office refused to investigate the matter».

«I, like our entire community is deeply saddened by the tragic loss of a young man. We are investigating and can’t comment,» he said Northcott.

According to the report, published last year by the Pew Research Center, 59% of Teens said they had faced cyber-bullying and that teachers, management of social networks and policies do not help to change that.

Also, studies have shown that across the country, Lgbtiq adolescents are more frequently exposed to bullying and suffer from depression than their peers are straight.

On once older brother Channing, Joshua Smith, said:

«If the city or the school hope that eventually this case will be forgotten, I can assure you I will not let that happen. I will do anything to the people responsible for the death of Channing, suffered a just punishment.»