In new York killed 7-year-old boy who fell from the window of 9th floor

7-year-old boy from the Bronx, who last week fell from the ninth floor of the house, died as a result of his injuries. About it The Post he told his mother, Rossi Mancebo.

According to the mother, her son, Kingston, died Wednesday, November 13. She also added that the family will donate his organs because it was «the right thing to do».

«I feel that it is important to maintain sanity, said Mancebo. And if you believe in God, then it is right».

The boy, whom neighbors called the king, was in the pediatric intensive care unit after he fell on November 9 of the houses Bronx River Houses.

«Yes, this is the worst tragedy in my life, — said the mother. But he would have wanted».

According to Mancebo, her son «gave her a goal.»

Boy with down syndrome fell after he pushed the cardboard covering part of the window, where before there was air conditioning.

Neighbors said he suffered a broken leg and serious head injury.

Kingston lived in an apartment on the ninth floor along with his mother, grandmother and two older sisters who are 13 and 14 years old.