The car veered onto the sidewalk and got stuck between the doors

Unknown driver knocked down the pedestrian walkway of the bridge and got stuck between the doors.

The abandoned car was found the night of 26 December, on the Pulaski bridge between Brooklyn and Queens. It was discovered by a worker who called 911 and said «someone had too much to drink,» but when officers arrived, the driver had already escaped. Apparently, the driver climbed in through the window of the car, as he was so tightly clamped that to open the door was impossible.

Within hours, police in new York worked to release clamped cars. Only in the morning, around 9:00, the team was able to immerse badly damaged car on a tow truck.

It is not known how the car got onto the sidewalk. During the incident, no injuries or arrests occurred. It is reported that a road number specific violations are not listed, except for one thing — for the lack of ticket to the Park in 2014. Also in the room there is a sign «invalid driving». It remains unknown whether the owner of the car driving at the time of the accident, or it was stolen. The police are investigating.