Milwaukee woman gunned down during her child’s online lesson

Milwaukee woman gunned down during her child's online lesson

The brother of Michelle Blackmon, 52, has been arrested and charged with her murder, authorities said. The man allegedly shot his sister in her home while Michelle's child was studying online. Other students who were in the system at that moment heard gunshots.

Michelle Blackmon, 52, received multiple wounds to the face and head in her kitchen.

“There was a shooting at one of the MPS students' home while the kids were in (distance) class and everyone could hear it,” Milwaukee Public Schools spokesman Earl Arms told NBC News.

The previous evening, the defendant — 45-year-old Mario Stokes — and his sister were arguing. Michelle told the man that «he will have to leave the house the next day,» according to a criminal statement prepared by Assistant District Attorney Michael Schindhelm.

The witness stated that after five shots were fired, Stokes allegedly said, «I'm going to the police to surrender.»

Milwaukee Police Officer Monique Foster was working at a police station two blocks from the shooting site when Stokes “walked in and said his sister was gone,” and that he killed her with a 380 caliber pistol, Schindhelm wrote.

According to the prosecutor, a 380 caliber Smith & Wesson pistol was indeed found in the kitchen and dining room.

Stokes is charged with first-degree murder and illegal possession of weapons.