A man was detained outside the Capitol claiming to have a bomb. What is known?

A man was detained outside the Capitol claiming to have a bomb. What is known?

The suspect was arrested law enforcement hours after police reported that he had parked a pickup truck outside the Capitol and claimed he had a bomb — leading to the evacuation of several nearby buildings.

Capitol Police Chief Thomas Manger confirmed to a press release. conference on Thursday afternoon that the man was taken into custody.

Earlier Thursday, police evacuated the Cannon House office building, the Jefferson Building of the Library of Congress, and other buildings nearby.

Video footage posted online shows the man, identified by police as Floyd Roseberry, 49, leaving the truck and crawling on the ground after negotiating with law enforcement. An explosive device was later found in his pickup truck, CNN reported. a bomb. She called her classmates so they'd avoid him. "It's a white guy in a truck near the Capitol," she said. "I’m not from DC, I don't know if that's a regular Tuesday here." pic.twitter.com/9cYaR2iMOY

— Kate Riga (@Kate_Riga24) August 19, 2021

Manger previously said officials were in talks with the man after the police department conducted an evacuation to investigate a bomb threat.

When asked if the man's motive is known, Manger said: “We know that Mr. Roseberry had some losses in the family. As far as I know, his mother recently passed away. We also spoke to members of his family and we know that he had other problems.”

In addition, it is known that on the day of the incident, Roseberry released videos in which he demanded that President Joe Biden step down, urged to talk to him and expressed dissatisfaction with the situation in Afghanistan.

On his Facebook page, which has since been deleted, Roseberry often left posts in support of Trump. In videos released today, Roseberry called himself a «patriot» and claimed he didn't care if Trump ever became president again, but he also felt that «all Democrats should step down.»