In Arizona, bees killed a man

In Arizona, bees killed a man

Landscape designer, whose name is unknown, worked together with his colleague in the yard in Tucson when they were attacked by a large swarm of bees.

In the report of the fire Department Drexel Heights says that one of the victims was unconscious and his heart stopped: «Rescuers brought him into the house, away from bees, to assist. But the man died on the spot.»

In Arizona, bees killed a man

The second victim told authorities that he tried to help the first, but the bees were so numerous that he had to run. The worker has been stung, but from medical care refused.
The owner of the house was also injured in the attack and is being treated at St. Mary’s Hospital. In Tucson News, which reports that he received between 100 and 200 bites.

The captain of the fire Department John graves said that the insects stung 7 people from his team. The total number of bees in a swarm can reach up to 100 000 individuals.

After this attack was caused by the company’s specialists Desert Swarm Bee Removal, which deals with extermination of insects. Owner Greg Williams said that in the house were found two large beehive, weighing about 300 pounds.

«Bees are very protective of their defense of their homes, so any little thing can bring them out of themselves,» he told Tucson News.

County Sheriff’s Department Pima stated that criminal responsibility for the death of the designer, the owners of the house will not be.