A Florida man was caught instead of a fish girl

A Florida man was caught instead of a fish girl

If a fisherman from Florida, whose name was not disclosed, never believed in mermaids, then surely for a moment he had to change his mind.

The man from St. Johns County , went in the evening with a bit of fishing. Imagine his surprise when he, once again pulling the rod out of the water not the bass, no mackerel or even a shark and a girl.

According to Fisher, she looked drunk and suddenly… swore at it, then bite the fishing line and swam away with the bait.

After the man had recovered somewhat, he still decided to call the police.

As reported by Action News Jax, Pian «mermaid» was 22-the summer local resident Alexandria Turner. When law enforcement officers asked her to go with them to the office located near the pier, she refused and began to resist, shouting: «I’m naked!».

In the end, she even had to wear handcuffs. It is unknown to present any charges to the lover of the fishing lure.

#MeanwhileInFlorida: Woman drunkenly bites man’s fishing line at St. Johns County pier https://t.co/n6c3cQLgPi pic.twitter.com/gEI9ldUfDH

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