Victims of hurricane Harvey: at least 1 dead, 14 wounded

Victims of hurricane Harvey: at least 1 dead, 14 wounded

The impact of a disaster in Texas was not limited to infrastructure damage. Became aware of the first casualties as the storm claimed the life of at least one person, more than ten were injured.

The fatal case was recorded in the coastal town of Rockport, Aransas, which was the first settlement on the road Harvey and took the brunt. A local resident was burned during a fire in his own house, unable to go outside due to the raging elements.

County judge of Aransas, C. H. Burt mills, confirmed the death in an interview with the news Agency CNN.

At least one person has died due to Hurricane Harvey in Rockport, Texas, according to county judge

— CNN (@CNN) August 26, 2017

According to officials, another 12-14 people were injured during the active phase of the hurricane, but survived.

After Rockport Harvey moved to Corpus Christi, sowing panic among local residents. Here too has not done without victims: a man was shot in the head, trying to hide from the elements in a stranger’s house.

Reaching the U.S. mainland on Friday night, Harvey was classified as a hurricane, the 4th category. At the moment it weakened to a tropical storm, but experts warn that it’s not time to breathe a sigh of relief — according to the National center of oceanic and atmospheric research, in the coming days, expect Texas floods of catastrophic proportions.

Do not focus on the fact that #Harvey is now a tropical storm — a catastrophic flooding event is still unfolding!

— NHC Atlantic Ops (@NHC_Atlantic) August 26, 2017

The state government have not yet taken to talking about caused by natural disaster damage — partly because of the weather conditions, emergency crews are not able to assess the scale of destruction in the most affected regions.

Besides, ahead of several days of heavy rainfall, which can flood many towns.