In Florida, anyone can challenge the content of school textbooks

In Florida, anyone can challenge the content of school textbooks

One of the parents in Florida trying to ban study in the local school book «451 Fahrenheit» by ray Bradbury (which, by the way, describes the banning of books). The man claims that profanity that is in it, it is unacceptable for students.

And it’s not the only case — reports The Associated Press. The fact that the state legislature passed a law under which any resident of Florida, regardless of whether he has a child or not – has the right to challenge material school textbooks as pornographic, intolerant, biased or violates state laws. The decision is made at the hearing, which involved the school Board, «the plaintiff» and the special mediator.

In addition, now by law every school district must post a list of all textbooks and supplementary materials.

Brandon Hout, the representative of the organization, «Floridians for science», who spoke against the bill, said his group was prepared to fight any lawsuits against teaching the theory of evolution and of climate change (such hearings have already been held in one of the districts).

The news Agency Associated Press recently sent requests to 67 school districts of Florida to find out the situation with complaints about textbooks. And here are some examples:

  • in Brevard County a couple of NGOs have filed complaints on a few primary school textbooks, which States that «global warming caused by human activity». Organizations believe global warming is a hoax.
  • in Santa Rosa County and there was just the story of the novel by ray Bradbury.
  • cable TV in Nassau local resident challenges outlined in the textbooks the theory of evolution, stating that life on Earth could be brought by aliens.
  • in Seminole County, just North of Orlando, two parents complained that the textbook of ancient history middle school chapters on Islamic civilization, but mentioned only Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism and Hinduism. The school said that Islam is considered in 10th grade.
  • in Duval County the parent of a sixth grader over there complained that the story Walter Dean Myers «Bad boy» too old for high school, as there used the word «penis». In addition, it contains homophobic motives.