In new Jersey arrested 88 illegal immigrants, criminals

In new Jersey arrested 88 illegal immigrants, criminals

During the RAID, immigration and US customs service in new Jersey arrested 101 illegal immigrant. The Department reported that 88% of those arrested were convicted criminals, and 80% have prior convictions.

Among them is the Mexican, who has previously been convicted of sexual abuse of a minor, a Turk and a Spaniard, convicted of possession of child pornography and citizens of Korea, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Egypt and Guyana, who was accused of domestic violence, possession and distribution of drugs.

According to immigration and customs enforcement, the aim of the operation was the capture of dangerous criminals and repeat offenders, who are illegally in the United States and threaten the security of the country. Those able to find in 14 districts of new Jersey and 2 counties in new York (kings and Suffolk).

As a policy, the detainees could face deportation, but this does not absolve them of responsibility before the law of the United States.