The FCC voted to abolish the free Internet in the USA

The FCC voted to abolish the free Internet in the USA

The Federal Commission on communications has voted to repeal the rules of «net neutrality», initiated by Obama, which ensures equal access for all to the Internet.

The morning people took to the streets in protest against the abolition of the rule. The Americans expressed concern that cable and phone companies will now be able to control the actions of Internet users.

The FCC voted to abolish the free Internet in the USA

According to the Democrat and FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn, the abolition of rules of «net neutrality» passes the keys to the Internet «a handful of multibillion-dollar corporations.»

During a meeting of the Commission, the Republican Chairman of the FCC Ajit Pai said that the termination rules adopted in 2015, will lead to «the free, more open Internet.»

«The Internet is the greatest innovation on the market in history — said share. If our rules keep the huge investment in infrastructure, ultimately we will pay a price based on the assessment of limited innovation… It’s time to restore freedom of the Internet.»

After saying all members of the Commission, about the hour of the day, the FCC by a margin of one vote took the decision to cancel the free Internet for the inhabitants of the United States.

The provision of Internet service providers regarding prioritization of Internet traffic may encourage them to charge more money for different types of services. Now companies like Comcast, AT & T and Verizon, will require sites to buy a so-called «fast lanes» or «paid prioritization».