The artists won the million claim for the destroyed graffiti

The artists won the million claim for the destroyed graffiti

The Federal judge hearing the lawsuit graffiti artists demanded the owner of the warehouse 5Pointz Almost. $ 7 million decided in favor of the plaintiffs. The reason for the start of the litigation was the destruction of the warehouse, which was graffiti, during the construction of the condominium.

District judge, Frederic Block acknowledged on Monday that more than 2 artists are fully entitled to the maximum statutory damages for 45 destroyed works of art.

The decision was made after the Advisory group jury found that Gerald Wolkoff, the owner of real property has violated the law that protects artist’s rights (Visual Artists Rights Act).

According to court documents, more than four years ago, the artists have filed a lawsuit against Volkoff, trying to prevent the planned demolition of the warehouse buildings. November 12, 2013, the court decided that before something is done, Volkoff must wait for a written decision, which was issued after 8 days. The defendant did not do it, just paint graffiti on the walls of his building.

Later, the judge considered argument from the point of view of the Law on the rights of visual artists and rights owners, ultimately ruling that Volkoff could carry what was considered the largest collection of aerosol street art in the US, however, these actions would entail the recovery of the damage if the graffiti was recognized as an example of art in accordance with the Law on the rights of visual artists.

During the long years of litigation, the warehouse was demolished, and is currently in its place are two residential flats.