Caught one of 10 FBI’s most wanted murderers

Caught one of 10 FBI’s most wanted murderers

14 Feb one of 10 most wanted criminals was arrested in Mexican and deported to los angeles.

41-year Jesús Roberto Munguia appear before the court of the state of Nevada for the murder of his wife, Sherry Sakozy.

As reported by FBI special agent from the office in Las Vegas Aaron Rouse the killer awaiting extradition to Nevada in a California prison without the right to bail.

The body of 29-year-old Sherry Sakozy was found in 2008 in Las Vegas — in the back seat zapisannogo blood of the SUV, left the house where the woman lived with her husband and 4 children. Sherry was badly beaten, she had a skull fracture, and neck wrapped wires.

During the week, was issued a Federal warrant for the arrest of the killer, but he managed to escape and for many years to evade justice.

At the time she was murdered Sherry, Jesus Roberto Munguia, a native of southern California, was a member of the street Los Angeles Tepa 13 gang («Tepa 13″), said FBI.