After 10 years, the father will go to prison for the murder of 5-month-old daughter

On Monday, the 31-year-old Turell Hubbard was sentenced to 7 years imprisonment for the manslaughter of his 5-month-old daughter. Between crime and sentencing took almost 10 years of legal disputes. All this time the defendant was trying to avoid punishment.

The tragedy occurred in October 2008 when the mother went to the dentist, leaving 5-month Lanyu with his father.

That day the girl was capricious and cried, not stopping. A few hours Hubbard tried to reassure her, but to no avail. In the end the young father in the hearts of threw the baby on the bed, but she bounced back and hit his head on the wall and stopped breathing.

Scared Hubbard called 911 and said that he was not in the room, and when he came, the girl was not breathing. The same thing he told the police after three days later Lanaya died from the resulting traumatic brain injury.

According to the court, in one of the interrogation the investigator managed to bring Woe to the father to clean water, but to bring him to punishment and could not.

The lawyer was able to justify his client, in terms the fact that the only proof of guilt is the video of the interrogation, before which Hubbard did not read my rights. The basis for the 10-year deferment of punishment was a violation of the Miranda Rule, according to which recognition can not be taken into account if the suspect in front of him was not properly read his rights, including the right against self-incrimination.