Thousands of dollars earned scammers selling bogus tickets to Broadway hits

Police in new York arrested 5 scams come true fake tickets for shows, concerts and sports games Broadway. About this yesterday, June 1, was announced by the Prosecutor of Manhattan.

«Broadway hits attracted the attention of both local residents and tourists alike — all want to get unforgettable experience out in the evening in town to relax,’ said Cyrus Vance, Jr. in his official statement. Unfortunately, they also attract scammers who want to quickly and easily cash in on the art lovers».

Unsuspecting residents and visitors of the Big Apple bought fake tickets for popular events, including the famous musical «Dear Evan Hansen», a hockey game,»Rangers», as well as concerts by Bruno Mars and Paul McCartney.

Isaac chestnut and Rahim watts from the Bronx forged tickets and sold them online for hundreds of dollars. In the criminal scheme also involved Bruno Lisa and Matthew Hamilton of Manhattan and Andy Quesada from the Bronx.

Evidence of criminal activity, the cunning of the five, the police found in the houses of Chestnut and watts. Now the arrested criminals awaiting arraignment on several counts.

photo: flickr/alanjwhelan