Buzz Aldrin, member of the first expedition to the moon, is suing the children for financial fraud

Astronaut space ship Apollo 11 buzz Aldrin filed for 2 children and the ex-Manager of one of the established funds. The essence of the claim is the misuse of credit cards Aldrin and withdrawal of funds from his accounts. In addition, the 88-year-old NASA engineer blamed the family, previously saying that he develops dementia, slander.

In a lawsuit filed in June in Federal court in Florida, Aldrin is asking to dismiss his son Andrew from the management of its finances, companies and funds. (Before this man was an official Trustee of the father.) According to the plaintiff, despite a revoked power of attorney, Andrew Aldrin continues to lead on behalf of the father’s negotiations, to take over his financial decisions to write off large sums without informing him about the conduct of monetary operations.

The lawsuit also featured the daughter of an astronaut will Genim and a former employee of one of the funds Aldrin Christina Korp. In the first case we are talking about the conspiracy with his brother Andrew and the neglect of the father. In paragraphs on former Manager says fraud, the use of the elderly in their own interests and illicit enrichment.

The eldest son of the legendary astronaut James in court proceedings family does not participate.

Andrew and Genim, calling the prosecution of the parent is unreasonable, he stated that they hope a peaceful way to resolve this unpleasant situation and to reach a compromise.

Recall that buzz Aldrin was a member of the mission Apollo 11, which the world’s first landed on the moon. Exactly Aldrin, commander Neil Armstrong, stepped onto the surface of the Earth satellite July 20, 1969.