Moving to the USA | How to turn the dream into a nightmare

The welfare of the citizens and residents of the richest and most influential country in the world makes residents of other States to break away from their homes and fly over the ocean. However, between the American dream and the American nightmare — a very fine line. How to move to the United States without incident? What challenges face the newly formed residents? What to prepare for and what will have to give up?

Away the illusion!

The first enemy of the immigrant — illusion. Moving to a foreign country — a fateful step. And that he did not fatal, it is impossible to do it, starting from the fantasies and false stereotypes. USA is a country with a conflicting culture and a comprehensive bureaucratic system. Here we like to set rules and require them to comply with.

Despite the fact that many innovations come from America, inventive activity do here just how giant companies. Others prefer to work in monotone, the pattern, not bothered to search for new solutions.

To move turned into bitter disappointment, we strongly recommend: first, visit USA as a tourist. Examine the state in which I would like to live. Pay attention to the features of local life. Compare your habitual way of life with the local. Do not forget that tourism gives a more seductive picturethan relocate.

Make friends in social networks residing in the United States. Find out from them what it’s like to live in America. At the same time pull up your English. Visit American sites that are interested in the news and, above all, the price of housing. Sites for job search will help you learn the labor market, assess their prospects and make some ideas. However, keep in mind that whatever you had planned the move thoroughly adjust all your plans.

If the preliminary monitoring will not take away your desire to move — further information will help you to quickly settle at the new place.

How to move to USA

The first thing to be clear on what is not necessary to do. To move is not suitable neither a student visa nor a tourist.

A student visa entitles you to stay in the United States during the period of study. Upon graduation, the alien status changes, and further use of a student visa is prohibited.

Tourist visa can be extended while in the country. However, a longer stay and get a residence permit with that visa will be very problematic.

And don’t try to circumvent the law. Violators of migration orders fall under strict sanctionsthat also apply to their children.

How honestly and lawfully enter and settle in the US? There are a couple of ways.

1. Employment contract

A proven way of immigration in the United States — an employment agreement. Although it is not without pitfalls. Work visa H1B is issued for 3 years at a certain quota. The U.S. employer will have to take some of the bureaucratic red tape and prove that no suitable Americans for the vacant position could not find it. To conclude an employment contract, you need to be an exceptional professional or settle for very low wages. Good chances of H1B are top managers of foreign offices of U.S. companies.

2. Family reunion

In the presence of relatives living in the United States in the status of citizens or residents green card, you in your pocket. To do this they need to make a petition for family reunification.

3. The Green Card Lottery

Every year the US government conducts a lottery green card. Fill out the form on the website — if you’re lucky!

4. Marriage for citizenship

Don’t count on a marriage! Many agencies offer this service, but having bought it, you would commit a criminal offence. American law qualifies sham marriages fraud.

To receive resident status based on marriage to a citizen of the USA your spouse (your wife) will need to apply for the issuance of a green card. The document is the article «family reunions».

In the interview with government representatives, you will need to present a joint matrimonial photos, joint Bank account, and also to give the details on the joint life and leisure.

5. Political asylum

The victims in the homeland of discrimination on any grounds, can ask US for political asylum. But for this the applicant must provide a convincing (documented!) proof of persecution and attacks on his life or the lives of the members of his social (national) group.

6. Starting a business

Residents of U.S. may wish to open in this country his business. Entrepreneurs are issued a visa L1.

7. Investment in the economy

Resident status also receive investors who have invested in the country’s economy at least $1 million. (For the underdeveloped regions «throughput» the amount is twice lower.) Your company should work at least 10 citizens and residents of the United States. In this case, issued the EB-5 visa.

Get a visa, prepare the paperwork on the other side of the ocean.

What to take with you

Some go to America to travel light, expecting to buy everything you need in the land of opportunity. Do not flatter yourself. Quickly to get a good job will not work. Will not be able to rent a house without piles of paperwork that you have yet. To yourself you should have as many documents as possible — from school and University diplomas to medical cards.

Don’t risk to go to USA without money. The first time they will be sorely missed. $5 thousand per person per month would be a good safety net. The minimum financial reserve for 2 months.

And set aside the hunt for impressions. The first time many people can’t wait to visit all the local attractions. It would be wise to invest this time not in leisure, and in the paperwork, if you do not want to be left without a livelihood or even to return home.

The Pacific ocean bureaucracy

Full life in the USA need to collect a full package of documents, namely:

1. ID / driver’s license

To some extent, identity card (ID) / driver license serves as a substitute for a passport, and in many States is used as the main identity document. The order of receipt is determined by the laws of a particular state.

2. Social security card

No social security card will not be able to even get a job as a freelancer. Social security number (SSN) is a social security number that identifies the individual in all state structures.

3. Work permit

To settle in USA, you should prove himself as an effective labor unit and the good faith of the taxpayer. And it needs to get a job. And to obtain the required official permission.

Where to live

First of all, decide with the state. Each one has its own type of society, quality of life and the price level. The most tolerant towards immigrants remain in new York and California.

However, California rates may significantly damage your hardly tightly Packed, wallet. For the first time, we recommend you to stay at new York’s Brooklyn or new Jersey. To rent an apartment here will be not so expensive.

To rent housing in the United States, you must have certain documents. And yet, the documents have to stay at the hotel. If you want good execution of obligations by the landlord — don’t rent an apartment without signing a pre-contract!

The agreement ensures that the landlord will not be to you, when he pleases, and to change the terms of the lease. Some landlords take part of the payment for the energy itself. Please specify what receipts and what rates you will pay. Since the signing of the contract for the hire of all receipts should come in the name of the tenant. You will need to submit the relevant documents to energy suppliers and utilities.

The working team

Many migrants settling in the country of your dreams, experience great stress, and even a real depression: it is difficult to start from scratch.

At the new place, the existing professional achievements don’t matter much. On rapid employment can count the times that programmers. Doctors and lawyers will have to be retrained.

The most popular profession among the recent arrivals:

  • the waiter
  • driver
  • nanny
  • Builder,
  • guard.

They are all underpaid. However, the U.S. does not have low-prestige occupations. Any work deserves respect and gratitude.

Often to find a job, in addition to confirmed with the diploma of education necessary for the certificate of completion of retraining.

To work — half the battle. You should still be able to settle down in the team, and this is to adopt the habits of American society.

Smiling and politeness is the business card of Americans, unlike the immigrants from the former Soviet Union. In America it is not accepted to complain and share bad news. About shared objects here care just as personal. Americans do not consider it shameful to clean on staircases and water the flowers in the lobby by the Elevator. For them it is important to maintain cleanliness and order in their environment.

The language barrier

Many migrants from countries with a lower than in the US, level of life experience so-called «immigrant complex». Another reason for self-doubt — the language barrier. Without knowing the language the person turns into a faded version of yourself. The ability to communicate largely determines how well you will settle in a new country. So try to learn the language as quickly as possible.

This will limit the use of the native language. Speak with them in English. Daily read 10 news in English. It is not necessary to understand the text, the main thing — to get used to the letters, pronunciation, intonation and the style of presentation of information. Constantly read books and watch English-language films with English subtitles. Visit forums and other events where will sound English speech.

And remember that the American dream became the American nightmare for the move needs the right motivation.

If you go in search of a bonlonger possibilities — you will be disappointed: in the US, they will be the same as at home, if not less. If you are home StonITE not many — in America, your price will not rise. A talented person with adequate perception will achieve heights in any country.

The desire for a higher quality of life will justify itself: in this country, excellent infrastructure, really working the law and good climate.

And the best life of Staboutit, to fight for it!