8 therapists for children with disabilities accused of fraud in $600 thousand.

Today (October 4) in new York have arrested eight members of a multi-year scheme to steal government money that was supposedly for the treatment of children with disabilities.

Therapists are accused of stealing more than $600 thousand from the funds of Medicaid and the Department of health of new York. According to official data, the defendants used for their own purposes a Program of active assistance in the early stages (Early Intervention Program — EIP), which is designed to provide remedial and developmental services to children from birth to three years.

In the period 2012-2018 therapists have provided thousands of fake notes and invoices for non-existent sessions of the EIP. The government reimbursed them these bogus charges.

Here are the names of therapists who were charged:

  • Cadera DOI (41) from the Bronx
  • Cara Steinberg (40) of Old Bridge (NJ)
  • Marina Golfo (44 years) North Pelham (NY)
  • Ego Onaga (45 years) from Staten island
  • Love Beilin (30) from Brooklyn
  • Daniel Scopinich (35 years) of Ozone Park (new York)
  • Patricia Hakim (54) from Forest Hills (new York)
  • Enoch Mensa (58) Mount Olive (new Jersey)

«The victims of this fraud are not only children and their families, deprived of therapeutic help, claimed these accused, but ultimately the taxpayers, whose taxes support Medicaid,» said Richard Donohue, attorney for the Eastern district of new York.

If the defendants are found guilty, each faces up to 10 years in prison.