In some cities children over 12 years jail for extorting sweets for Halloween

A favorite children’s activity on Halloween extorting sweets — somewhere in Virginia, North Carolina and new Jersey have outlawed.

«Trick-or-treat!» («Trick or treat!») — we have heard almost all American movies about Halloween. Extorting sweets all saints ‘ Day has become an integral part of childhood in the United States. And here in Newport, Norfolk and Suffolk in Virginia, several cities in North Carolina and the township of upper Deerfield, new Jersey decided to spoil this fun tradition.

According to local authorities, children aged 12 are too old to be trick-or-treaters — extortionists sweets. So now, if they were caught doing this, they face fines and even prison.

That sounds like a ban in Chesapeake:

«If any person over the age of 12 years engaged in the activity commonly known as trick-or-treating or any other activity of similar character, he or she commits a crime and shall be punished by a fine of from $25 to $100 or imprisonment for up to 6 months.»

Many experts have said that such bans will make the party, during which children can feel independent from adults in the real horror. What do you think?