The mayor of new York: a new plan for trump hurt 475 thousand immigrants

The municipality of new York has reviewed the proposal by Donald trump to limit the chances of immigrants living on welfare, to obtain a green card, and released the results of the analysis.

Because of the President’s plan will suffer approximately 475 thousand immigrants, and a city lost over $420 million, said today, 12 October, Bill De Blasio.

Public charge — the so-called person who is dependent on the state because of poverty or illness. According to the statement made in September, the White house, immigrants have to choose between the status of a public charge and a chance for a green card or American citizenship. Changes in the rules of Public Charge Grounds, the Administration of President argued that the prospect to receive state aid should not serve as a motive for moving to the United States.

«This proposal is another distortion of our fundamental values, the mayor said De Blasio. — To punish the family for assistance is not the American way, period. I, as a parent, I can’t imagine how to make that agonizing decision to choose between food on the table and risk not to get a green card in the future.»

The analysis carried out by the Directorate of immigration, the Department of social services and the mayor’s office of economic opportunity, showed that because of the program, trump will hurt hundreds of thousands of new Yorkers, including children, since many families may opt out of participation in the key social protection programs.

«We will fight against any attempts to jeopardize the welfare of hundreds of thousands of immigrant families of middle and working class, said Commissioner of immigration at city hall Bitta, Mostofi. — New Yorkers-immigrants are the backbone of our economy, and the last sentence of the administration of the tramp can hold back our progress is to make new York the fairest city in the country.»

The mayor’s office reminded that the new rule has not yet entered into force and even then it won’t affect immigrants who have already applied for a green card or visa.