The Federal court found the ban in the state of new York on the nunchuck unconstitutional

A Federal court has ruled that the current ban in the state of new York nunchucks, martial arts weapons made famous by Bruce Lee, is unconstitutional under the Second amendment.

Judge Pamela Chen (Pamela Chen) ruled on Friday in Federal court in Brooklyn. The plaintiff, James Maloney (Maloney, James) opposed the prevailing decades of prohibition after in 2000, he was charged for possession of nunchucks. Since 2003, the man filed several complaints and, in the end, got the location of the court.

Maloney hopes to be able to teach martial arts to his sons, he created using the nunchuck under the name Shafan Ha Lavan.

The ban on nunchaku operated in the state since 1974. In making the decision, Chen said that the law appeared, primarily as a result of unprecedented interest of the residents to the movies and the TV series about kung fu — which nunchaku became popular from «criminals and street thugs».