The man who twice this year he has won the lottery, is accused of drug trafficking

Looks like our luck’s 53-year-old James B. Callahan finally turned away from him last weekend.

16 December at 19:15 police Jersey city stopped James Callahan, noting that his vehicle only one license plate. But, as shown by a search, it was not the most severe of his violations. In Jeep Wrangler Callahan officers found nearly 350 pills, prescription, flak jacket, magazine, ammunition, assault firearms and a gun.

The next day, the police obiskala apartment Callahan, which is located in londonium at 77 Hudson St., where the cost of apartments ranges from $3 million and rent – $5 thousand There the officers found another 85 grams of cocaine, three marijuana cigarettes and 14 pills prescription.

They also found documents in the warehouse on Grand Street, where it was found three pistols, two mufflers, over 200 exploding bullets and several magazines of large capacity, which are prohibited in new Jersey. According to police, none of the guns were not registered.

The man who hit the lottery twice in one year has been charged with running a drug-dealing operation. The 53-year-old James B. Callahan was walloped with 37 charges, including multiple counts of illegal guns.

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The apartment Callahan was his 22-year-old girl Cindy Sanchez-Medina. She also was charged with seven drug-related offences.

A woman living on the 39th floor of a residential high-rise, said she did not know about the arrest and were shocked to learn about it.

«I’m really scared,» she said, noting that she has a child.

Callahan was accused of organizing operations in the trade of narcotics and illegal possession of weapons.

November 27, 2015 Callahan won $613 104, and then November 7, 2016 $75 854. This success could not do without attention, so the man talked a lot in the Newspapers and local news programs. According to the man, his first purchase was a long-awaited trip to Hawaii with his girlfriend (I don’t know if it was Sanchez-Medina).

«I took her first class – Maui, Four Seasons, tickets first class, said Callahan. – It was a dream».

Then the news said that Callahan works as a fitter at the transportation hub, world trade center. To be part of such projects is that the man believes the victory itself, has been noted in the media.